Adventure Date: A Day at the Skydive Ranch

In honor of Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking skydive from space, we thought it would be appropriate to post our skydiving adventure date.  

Aaron goes skydiving pretty much every weekend, as he’s trying to get his A license.  We constantly talk about how much we value getting to spend time together with our busy and opposite schedules, so rather than being apart while Aaron makes his 6 or so hour trip to the skydive ranch, Bianca decided to tag along one day.  

The winds ended up being too strong for Aaron to jump alone as a student, but we still had a ton of fun doing things together on the ground as a couple.

Lunch, bees, people jumping out of planes.some sort of competition, and the coolest denim jacket ever.  Such a rush!

music: awolnation- sail …[because]