Best Burger Ever = Best Date Ever

A twist on your standard burger & a beer date, we went to Amstel Light’s Burger Breakdown this Tuesday… because why have dates the regular style when you can make it an event (literally).  

Walking into it we were like “Yeah! Beers and burgers! WE LOVE BURGERS, and Bianca loves beer!”, and so we sauntered over to the bar because the first rule at every open bar event is always to grab your drink first- Bianca going with the Amstel Light (something about not wanting to get fat), and Aaron went with the Amstel wheat.

We  ran to the burger bar where we weren’t quite ready for what our tastebuds were about to get hit with.   The lamb burger with pyreneed brebis sheep’s milk cheese (what is that even), salted chilies and garlic aoli on an english muffin was like MEAT HEAVEN for Bianca, and the pork burger served with twig farm goat cheese, citrus mayo, and onion jam, on a soft rye burger bun was THE BEST BURGER OF AARON’S LIFE.  Seriously guys.  We wouldn’t tweet that if we didn’t mean it, and we’re glad we did because then the illustration of our tweets never would’ve happened. Chef @ZakaryPelaccio is our new favorite person ever.

We ran into Rob of Brooklyn Salsa (as seen in our photo with him by Men Who Dine), and chatted a bit about events and the marketing industry. Then we ate more burgers and drank more beer.

It was one of those nights where we had to part ways due to early morning work obligations, so it was sort of like the early stages of dating where you meet up and then go to your separate homes with a kiss good bye.  It was cute, we had fun.

<3 Jeff for inviting us and mad props to Ben Hindman and the Splash crew for making such a pretty post-event landing page.

p.s. Yeah, we know we already posted that photobooth pic on the blog, but we love it so much because it’s so perfect that we wanted to post it again.

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